CB-125 Triad Generatrix Processor
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CB-125 Triad Generatrix Processor


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CB-125 bus-Ping Li Bending Machine
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Type Size:  CB-125
Product Description

Item No.: CB-125

Bus-ping Li Bending Machine (single oil line 125)
◎ The machinery and pumps used for bending copper and aluminum row operations (hand pumps, foot pumps, pumps).
◎ using hinged flower plate, opening and closing easy board has spent on-line can keep abreast of the curvature scale.
◎ flat, vertical bending operation by replacing the template to complete.
◎ one machine multi-purpose, convenient and quick.
Model: CB-125 Bending range: copper and aluminum row of ≤ 125 × 12 (mm) Rated Output: 270 (KN)
Working travel: 168 (mm) Weight: 55 (Kg)